Other training and development opportunities for coxes, outside of the learn2cox classes, are as follows:

* Thursday night 'surgery': Jill Danby will be available in the club bar from 8.30pm most Thursday evenings. Any cox wishing to discuss a particular aspect of coxing on a 1:1 basis is welcome to pop down and have a chat with Jill.

* Tailored sessions: Jill can support integrated training of the cox with the squad they cox for, by attending an outing or two with that squad. The squad coach should contact Jill in the first instance, to discuss requirements and make arrangements.

* Master Classes: These can be arranged according to demand on a variety of topics, including:

  • Racing (general)
  • Coxing the Henley courses
  • Coxing the Tideway Heads
  • Communication / Motivating the crew
  • The Coach's in-boat Assistant
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