Some guidance for boating safely with cruisers and other large boats:

· Risks to rowing craft from larger vessels include: collisions; swampings; sinkings; and 'getting in each other's way'
· Be aware that you may not be visible to the 'Captain' of cruisers or larger vessels, particularly the double decker 'party' boats that are out during the summer
· Give them a wide berth
· Avoid overtaking when doing a piece (plan your piece between lock batches)
· Be aware that some larger vessels will use the 'wrong' arch on Maidenhead road bridge
· If you have encounter problems, take the name of the boat and report to the lock keeper
· Be polite (e.g. when requesting them to slow down, or cut wash) – most respond positively

Sound signals (from British Rowing Quick Guide to Steering on the Tideway, Feb 2010)

One short blast - I am turning to starboard ie my right
Two short blasts - I am turning to port ie my left.
Three short blasts - I am about to reverse. This is usually followed by one blast or two blasts to show which way the boat is about to turn whilst reversing
Five short blasts - I have no idea what you are doing and I am worried about your position
One Long blast - I am coming but I cannot see fully where I am going!

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