Recent incidents on the Tideway and at our club remind us to learn and practice the safety basics.

  • Cold water rowing:check temperature before boating (easy to read floating thermometer on the pontoon directly in front of the status board). If temperature is below 5 deg. C at night – no boating. Remember the ‘one degree, one minute rule’ (the ratio of temperature to survival in cold water). Check the rules for restrictions applying below 8 deg. C
  • Night time rowing: wear high visibility clothing and/or ‘snap bands’ to make you more visible if you capsize and are separated from the boat. Check the rules for restrictions on who may boat.
  • Capsizes:know the drill (stay with boat, get as much of your body out of the water as possible)
  • Coaches/launch drivers:use the kill cord at all times. Check your lifejacket is appropriate for your weight, correctly worn, and you know how to use it. Check safety bag contents. Carry a cell phone with key contacts (list next to emergency phone in boathouse). Crews must look out for the safety of their coaches just as much as they look out for the crews
  • Boat positioning: don’t underestimate the strength of the stream on the boat’s manoeuvrability. Pay particular attention at ‘pinch points’ (Bray corner, boathouse reach). Use designated turning points
  • Risk assessment: everyone is responsible for their own safety. Do your own risk assessment (capability/experience, conditions, equipment) before each and every outing. If in doubt, do an ergo instead.

Please learn and abide by our rules. They are on the website, and hardcopies posted at the clubhouse. Look after each other.

Row Safe


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