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A new safety alert addressing boat positioning has been issued. Please read it here.

We have recently completed a lifejacket/PFD check, and removed some for maintenance. Several are missing from the hooks in the boathouse. We would like to check their conditions. Please return ALL lifejackets/PFDs to the boathouse before 18 April. Once checked we will be issuing regular coaches with an allocated lifejacket. Please remember to check the weight-rating of any lifejacket/PFD before use, and wear it correctly.

As the weather conditions improve and we get more boats onto the water, please remind yourselves of the following:

  • Steering/look-out: ensure your cox/steer is appropriately experienced and looks-out frequently.
  • Navigation: follow designated pattern, avoid middle third of the river.
  • Turning points: turn at specified points only.
  • Cruisers and canoeists: pay particular attention to other river users, they may not see you.
  • Coaching launches: only seat the designated number in the launches, unless being used in a rescue situation (following risk assessment). Use kill cords at all times. Check your lifejacket/PFD is appropriate for your weight, correctly worn, and you know how to use it. Check safety bag contents. Carry a cell phone with key contacts (list next to emergency phone in boathouse).
  • Risk assessment: everyone is responsible for their own safety. Do your own risk assessment (capability/experience, conditions, equipment) before each and every outing. If in doubt, do an ergo instead.

Please learn and abide by our rules. They are on the website, and hardcopies posted at the clubhouse. Look after each other.

Row Safe


Nick Steel 
MRC Water Safety Advisor


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