Great to see so many new rowers out on the water during the late summer evenings.

Here are some reminders for us all particularly relevant to our reach during busy times.  

    • Steering/look-out: ensure your cox/steer is appropriately experienced and looks-out frequently. If you see someone approaching, and on course for potential collision, please remember to shout ‘look ahead sculler/double/quad’. Do not assume they have seen you.
    • Navigation: follow designated pattern, avoid middle third of the river.
    • Turning points: turn at specified points only (immediately downstream of the A4 roadbridge – not off the pontoons; immediately upstream of the Sounding arch – primarily for crews returning from Boulters lock-to-lock pieces; and in the Bray lock cut), and take a good look out before starting to turn.
    • Cruisers and canoeists: pay particular attention to other river users, they may not see you.
    • Whiteboard: if you are boating outside designated squad times, please use the whiteboard propped up next to the cox-box and key lockers. Remember to erase your entry when you return from your outing.
    • Lifejackets/PFDs: Vero Jones is doing a fantastic job maintaining our lifejackets and PFDs. If you notice any damage or defects, please advise her.
    • Coaching launches:
    • Risk assessment: everyone is responsible for their own safety. Do your own risk assessment (capability/experience, conditions, equipment) before each and every outing. If in doubt, do an ergo instead.

We have had a couple of near-misses recently. Please be aware of your surroundings, particularly other boats.

Please learn and abide by our rules. They are on the website (here), and hardcopies posted inside and outside the clubhouse.

Row Safe


Nick Steel 
MRC Water Safety Advisor
Cell +44 (0) 782 484 8591 

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