Hello All,

I hope you are all well and busy getting stuck into the new season. It was great to see the club so busy on the weekend and everybody getting stuck into their training. I hope you have all seen the email from Billy in regards to tomorrows time trial its a great way of assessing your speed early on in the season, so if you fancy it please get stuck in. Also we have some crews at the Isis small boats head this weekend and then a lot more at Wallingford Small Boats Head next saturday so please if you about come and support our racing crews.

A few weekends ago was the sponsored row. Thank you to all who took part and all who supported and thank you to Laura for organising the long row along with her team. 

I know there are a lot more photos and videos around but i put this video together of the long row so click on the link and take a look.

Maidenhead Long Row Video

This week emails went out to all the members about the new seasons kit. I hope you like the designs as a lot of work has gone into getting it right. I feel quite strongly about our kit as its one of the things that defines us as a club. Over the last few years so many designs have come out from stripes to inverted colours. If you look around at some of the old photos you’ll see that our original racing strip is black bottoms with the green top and white piping our original colours! so in all the new kit is the original kit. There are lots of other bits to have a look at like our new casual polo tops and coloured leggings so please have a look.

Its about time we put some up to date photos of recent crews around the club. We’ve had some great crews in the last few years which deserve a place on our walls around the club. If any member would like to take on the task please let me know.

Yours as always,