Entry Criteria

Quads -          J12 and WJ12 is all abilities

    J13/WJ13 up to J15/WJ15 is split into Beginner A and Beginner B

Doubles -        J16 and WJ16 is for both A and B Beginners combined

Beginner B Category is for those juniors who have been rowing for about a year or so, or who are basically recreational rowers and would like to join the excitement of an event like ours but are shy of going to other events. This would normally be their first regatta.

Beginner A Category is for those juniors who have been rowing regularly for up to 2 years and may have competed at the occasional head/regatta but with limited success.  By limited success we ask you not to enter any crews who would have a chance of getting to the A or B final at a National Event, ie Nat Schools, Nat Champs, JIRR etc. 

We do ask you not to enter any juniors who don't fall into these categories to retain the ethos of our regatta unless, perhaps, they would like to cox????

If you have any queries please email

Laura Lion at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Regatta Flyer