The origins of Maidenhead Rowing Club are not clear, but records of Henley Royal Regatta indicate that there was an entry from 'The Star Club, Maidenhead' in 1840, and as the club's symbol is a green star, there may be some direct connection. The very first Rowing Almanack gives details of a regatta held in Maidenhead in 1860 and is known that the present club was in existence around the 1870s.


Competitors must ensure they are familiar with the Competitor Guide and Safety documents.

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In this last year Maidenhead have returned to the original colour scheme for its racing all in ones, black bottoms green top with white piping. Please note that this will be the racing all in one with a two year changing over period from the old one to the new retro design.


We have 3 main suppliers New Wave, Pontoon and Crew Room. All of which offer the same new retro design all in one but have different supporting garments. Please follow the links. 








Learning from Incidents and Near-misses


We can all learn from others where situations have lead to an incident and hopefully not put ourselves in similar situations, and identify areas of safety needing attention to minimize risk.

Browse the articles categorised below to familiarise yourself with the advice issued by British Rowing and the Maidenhead Rowing Club Safety Committee.