Boat sharing is working well and it is great to see lots of MHD crews on the water at Dorney. However, difficulties set in as one crew unloads and rigs with a different crew de-rigging and loading - the latter crew not necessarily knowing where stuff came from.


If you are the last crew using your boat, then it is your responsibility to put kit away tidily and check your boat is tied on. Rowing at Dorney is hard work, time consuming and takes a lot of team effort. If you are short of time please don’t join a Dorney crew!

By tidy trailers, I don’t mean just so it looks nice!

If anything sits on top of the riggers they will either get damaged or the rigging angles will change and next time you will get an awful row.

Take gaffer tape with you and tape your riggers together

If your riggers have backstays, fold the back stay in line with the fixed part. Use a 13 mm to loosen, don’t just squeeze and bend them! Then tighten the bolt so it is not so loose it comes apart and is lost for ever when the trailer is on the road.

The same goes for blades - they too are very easily damaged.



      • Blades at one end, spoons together and facing the end of the trailer
      • Riggers at the other end, nothing on top
      • Seats taped together


Please make sure Maidenhead trailers always look like Photo 1 and NEVER like Photo 2.


Happy Trailer Bad Trailer

Photo1: Happy Trailer                                                                                   Photo 2: Bad Trailer