If you wish to book a trailer for the forthcoming season, please contact Liam O'Mahony.

It is essential that this is done well in advance, to prevent double bookings and generally make the most efficient use of our limited trailer resource and our generous trailer drivers.


Please indicate:

  • Date & Name of event 
  • Number of boats you will be taking
  • Name of the trailer driver

To protect against theft, MRC trailers now have wheel locks. You will need to collect the keys (and return them after the event) from Liam.

All squads will be expected to share the task of trailer driving!

Unless you have made a reservation, do not take a trailer!!!

View the Trailer calendar to see when it is booked here.  

Trailer Saftey have a read of these document here

MRC trailer drivers are advised to consider the following quick check list, to ensure the safe use of MRC trailers

  • You must be a club member with insurance.
    • Club insurance covers you for damage to the trailer or its boats. However if the trailer (or boats) injure somebody, then YOUR third party liability is not covered by the club, but by YOUR OWN car insurance.  See detailed insurance notes below.
  • Check you have the correct licence to tow the load.The security of the load is the legal responsibility of you, the Driver, so whilst everyone should assist with Boat loading, the final check before moving off should be made by you, since it is your licence that will be affected should anything become detached or fall off during the journey.
    • Was your driving test after 1st Jan 1997? - you may ONLY be eligible to use the lightweight trailer.
  • Ensure that the vehicle used for towing is appropriate for the length, load and type of trailer. If in doubt ask the Captain for advice.Attach projection markers (eg plastic tape) to the end of boats. If driving during the dark these should be supplemented with lights (eg cycle LED lights).
    • Check the limitations of the tow vehicle in the vehicle handbook .
    • Check the total weightA of the load being towed and the loading on the tow hitch.
    • Check the boats and load are positioned to ensure even weight distribution and a low centre of gravity, the Trailer should be loaded slightly heavier at the tow hitch end.
  • Ensure that adequate ties are correctly used to avoid slackening and slipping. Check at regular intervals during your journey. New ties are available from the Club Captain.
  • Check the tyres (including spare), lights, projection markers and the security of the load, jockey wheel and brakes before each trip.
    • After your trip, report any issues to the Club Captain so that they can be repaired.
  • Always carry a passenger to help with navigation, manoeuvring, and any emergency, which may arise and to be aware of the dangers of high winds and icy road conditions and consult the weather forecast before setting off.
    • DO NOT REVERSE without somebody watching and guiding.
  • Hand break.Ensure that, if towing or using vehicles overseas, any local rules are adhered to (lights, spares, yellow vests, fire extinguishers , triangle, overhang, etc.)
    • To prevent serious fire risk, it is important that the trailer hand brake is OFF when the trailer is attached to a vehicle and is moving.
    • To prevent breaks seizing, when parked at MRC the hand break should be OFF and the trailer secured by its wheel lock and chocks under the wheels.
    • Take breaks for journeys of longer than 2 hrs duration or have a buddy driver accompany you on long journeys and ensure an effective communication system is set up with the club for the journey (mobile phone – note hands free sets required)
  • BR documents, providing diagrams showing the recommended arrangement for loading, including the allowable load projection are displayed on the MRC notice board.
  • BR Trailer Guidelines
  • BR Trailer Poster

This and further detailed ARA advice are also to be found here.

INSURANCE COVER for trailers owned and insured by MRC

Trailers belonging to Claires Court and other third parties are NOT covered by this policy.

Cover provided by MRC policy:  

  • Loss or damage to the trailer, to boats (if they are properly tied down to the supporting rack and are MRC boats) and to related equipment on the trailer (but read below regarding theft).
What is NOT covered by MRC policy:
  • Injury or damage to third parties and/or their property, caused by the trailer and/or boats and related equipment carried on the trailer. By law, when a trailer is attached to a vehicle it becomes part of that vehicle and must be covered by that vehicle’s third party insurance policy.
  • The towing vehicle, its driver, passengers and contents.
  • Therefore the driver/owner of the vehicle is very strongly advised to ensure that the vehicle’s insurance cover is adequate with regard to all these matters, including the trailer and its load, is up-to-date and is in good order. If a trailer is to be taken abroad, the insurer will advise regarding cover extension and towing regulations.
  • Theft of the trailer with its load. Therefore, while parked, the trailer must be wheel clamped or the trailer left in a secure locked storage space. While being towed, the trailer must be locked to the towing vehicle and the towing vehicle itself locked when it is unoccupied with the trailer attached. If, in any of these circumstances, the wheel clamp or locks are broken by the thief, the loss of the trailer is covered.
  • Due care: The insurer requires the insured to exercise due care. This includes making sure that the boats carried on the trailer, whether the trailer is in motion or stationary, are securely tied down at all times, and that the trailer and the towing vehicle are both fit for purpose.

The Club’s insurance programme is administered can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In the event of loss or damage to club property or a third party claim, he should be advised immediately.