If you wish to book a truck for an event, please email Dylan Gomersall.

It is essential that this is done well in advance, to prevent double bookings and generally make the most efficient use of our limited truck resource.


Maidenhead Rowing Club has a dedicated vehicle (Ford Transit Dropside) to facilitate all rowing activities, whether that’s transporting kit, carrying singles or towing a trailer full of boats to events.  Fully insured and fuelled by the club, it is available to use for any rowing purposes.


How To Book:

Please email Dylan Gomersall (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to check availability.  If free, it will be booked out for you, and details of the key handover will be given.  Inside the vehicle is a green folder containing useful info such as breakdown cover details, insurance and a ‘how to use’ guide.  

Please indicate:

  • Date & Name of event 
  • Name of the truck driver


Who can use it?:

Anyone that the club approves and who has a full UK driving licence.  This can be members, parents/guardians of juniors or anyone else connected to the club in some way.  



Due to the weight of the club trailers, only those that either has a UK licence issued before 1 January 1997, or have a later licence but taken additional training and test to add the C1+E element to their licence can legally use the vehicle to tow.  If unsure, please contact Dylan.



If you’ve not had much experience of driving a larger vehicle or want to try towing a trailer before a booking, training is offered!  Again, please contact Dylan to arrange.