Maidenhead Rowing Club Instructions for joining FITCLUB and booking sessions



Instructions for joining FITCLUB 

    • Go to 
    • Select "Sign Up" in the top right corner
    • Enter your email address
    • Open your email account and find a "Sign Up" email from 
    • Open the email and click the link “to continue FitClub <>.me <> sign up at”
    • Continue the sign-up process by filling in a password, your name details and agree with the terms and conditions.  Click ‘Sign Up’
    • Click login enter your email address and chosen password.  Use the ‘remember me’ check box if you wish for faster access next time
    • Under My Clubs top right.  Click Join a club.  In the search box, type ‘Maidenhead’
    • On the right, click ‘Join’ next to Maidenhead Rowing Club
    • A message will now be sent to the Admins and we will then accept your request.  Give it some time you will get email confirmation when complete.




When you have been accepted into the return to rowing Squad, please set up your profile.

    • Go to 
    • Login if necessary
    • Under the ‘Me’ section on the left, select Profile
    • You will be on the ‘General section’.  Fill out as much information as possible (especially phone numbers) then click Update



    •   Log-in to FitClub
    •   Under ‘Me’ (icon top right-hand side), select ‘Availability’, click on ‘Y’ for sessions you request to book
    •   To request a club single, or ‘household boat’ (i.e. a crew boat that will be sculled/rowed by members of the same household), click on ‘+’ and type in the boat name, then ‘save’ icon (looks like a computer disk)
    •   If you are flexible with slot times on the day for which you are booking, please note this in the comments.
    •   Cut-off time for each day’s session bookings is 1900hrs the preceding day
    •   You will be emailed the session line-ups later that evening. DO NOT GO TO THE CLUB UNTIL YOU HAVE A CONFIRMED BOATING SLOT