I hope you are all looking forward to getting back onto the water from next Monday.

Please read the Wave 9 protocols carefully as we have made some significant changes to enable us to create more opportunities to row whilst adhering to British Rowing covid-mitigation measures.

Our guiding principles are:

  • On the water - to return to rowing as close to pre-covid conditions as possible
  • On land – covid-risk mitigation measures

Key points:

  • Return to squad boating session times (detailed in Wave 9 appendices), with squad captains managing their sessions using FitClub
  • Mixed household crews are permissible, but we advise staying with the same crew and boat as far as possible
  • Sign up for sessions using FitClub - to manage numbers, boat allocations, track & trace records. If you are not signed up and confirmed  for an outing please do not turn up
  • FitClub contains one ‘group’ named Wave 9: search for your squad session and sign-up before 1900 the day before you wish to row, and await confirmation of your booking.
  • All members need to be affiliated to a squad (including single scullers) to manage the system
  • New measures to manage the boating bottlenecks (boathouse and pontoons) – masks mandatory on premised unless in the boat, social distancing, maximum groups of 12 on pontoons
  • Boat and de-boat promptly, following protocols
  • Boating marshals on duty during busy times to help manage numbers. Please volunteer for this role via your squad captain
  • We will monitor and review our approach, making changes as necessary
  • Please read the document as there are further safety and covid-mitigation measures

Additional water safety points:

  • Currently there are works taking place on the Brunel Bridge: single file through the bridge; and for the duration of the works only the upstream turning point is at the regatta steps
  • There might be additional hazards on the water
  • Keep a good lookout and adhere to navigation patterns
  • Be watchful for, and respectful to, other water users and wildlife
  • Our CRSAs will circulate some additional reminders

Thanks to the SRTR team, Club Committee and Rowing Committee for their inputs and engagement with this process

Row safe and enjoy!


Dear Members

In my first Captain’s message I will do two things: to thank my predecessor; and to set out how I wish to serve the club and its members.

I’m sure you will all join me in thanking Keith for the time, effort and thought he has put into his tenure, for the benefit of all of us.

Some of his achievements are clearly visible – such as the clubhouse renovation, the tow-truck, whilst others are less visible – such as managing our neighbours to keep us open, creating the new relationship with Brunel University; and others directly connected to enhancing our core activity of rowing – such as the coaching strategy. Keith has worked with the members of several committees, and vast numbers of volunteers, to achieve this. He can now hopefully take a well-deserved break from these matters, and enjoy their benefits (whilst hopefully winning a few more pots with his Vetmen colleagues).

I would like to set out the ABCD of what I would like my Captaincy to stand for.

    • Ambition - supporting everyone to be the best they can be, and get the most out of rowing. This applies across all squads, from our Juniors - past and present, who consistently make us proud - through competitive Senior and Masters squads, to Recreational and Daytime squads who embody the fellowship of the club.
    • Beyond the Boat - rowing safely, protecting everyone from harm, and having fun.
    • Collaboration – respecting each other’s aspirations and goals, making the best use of our club resources and operating in a fair and transparent way in accordance with club principles.
    • Commitment – encouraging each other to stick to the journey we’ve chosen; especially when it is tough.
    • Diversity – seen and unseen - embrace differences and play our role in creating a more inclusive society, whilst respecting and building on the club’s proud history.

I look forward to working with and for you, and welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Nick Steel

Captain, Maidenhead Rowing Club