No rowing to report again this week, but plenty of ergos, weights, gym sessions, cycle rides and swimming, as we use all means available to keep up our winter training. The Weybridge Winter Head was cancelled; the QMULBC camp postponed; and a decision will be made on the TVSL event (26 January) this coming Thursday. If you have kindly volunteered to support the event, Andy will advise.

Congratulations to the Reading University crew, with alumni members Edoardo and Sean, who received their trophies for winning the Academic 4x event in the 2019 Fuller’s Head of the River Fours in a ceremony last week. Good to see Maidenhead club ties being proudly worn.  

More work in and around the club to report on this week. Brunswick green hand rails and skirting boards on the main stairs; removal of the low wall that has proved a trip hazard when the touring tubs are used; repair to the fence on the north side of the club; and loading the container for its imminent departure. Many thanks to all of you who have helped in these activities. 

We have now updated the Land training schedule, with some changes particularly to reflect the large numbers of Junior squads actively training, which is great to see. Please check the schedules on the club website (they should be posted early next week). If you do wish to train during a squad allocated session, please contact the relevant squad captain/coach ahead of the session to check availability.

Please remember to leave the cardio suite (ergo room) in good order when you leave; close windows, switch off lights, close the door. Please release (in a controlled manner) the ergo handles from their holders at the end of a session, after wiping down, storing them next the flywheel housing, to reduce chain wear.