Storm Alex curtailed many outing plans this weekend, and is likely to influence those during the coming days as high flow rates persist. The confluence of high river flow, gusty winds, shorter days, and Covid-19 make it a challenge to provide the rowing and training experiences we all would like. Please bear this in mind when you book your sessions, noting that you may only use the land training facilities after you have been inducted, and in the specific pod/zone/time you have pre-booked. Please read Wave 7 protocols issued 1st October.

Please reacquaint yourselves with the club Safety plan particularly, at this time, River Status Board Settings (page 8) and Night Time & Low-Light Rowing Rules (page 12). Our Club Rowing Safety Advisors (Chris and Diane) provided a useful reminder email today.

Flow levels are currently high (105 m3/s, i.e. red/amber). The Guagemap app (!Map/Summary/1132/1230) provides flow rates but, as noted by Orlando today, is often slow to update; so when the stream is rising rapidly it is strongly advisable to check the actual flow displayed on the hut in the corner of Bridge Gardens. Also note that flow may increase significantly during an outing.

Please remember to make a risk assessment (as we all should for every outing) as the river conditions will be very different to those we have got used to since the return to rowing. Extra care on steering, as the change in flow will push boats out into the stream. If in doubt; don’t go out.

We have a Rowing Committee tomorrow (5th October) evening; please contact your squad Captain with rowing-related issues you wish raised.

Well done to Dawn who braved rain and mud to complete the Boundary walk today. She is raising funds for The Alzheimer’s Society; please support:  JustGiving page

A big thanks to Laura Lion for: doing a double shift (4 hours) junior session supervision last weekend; doing a bar stock-check; and cleaning up the Black Velvet mess created by exploding Guinness and Strongbow cans.

Stay safe