This is an addendum to Wave 8 protocols.

Following the government announcement of 16th December, the club, which has the postcode of SL6 0AT, will be moving into Tier 3 on 19th December 2020.

We have been looking at the implications for training at the club with guidance from the British Rowing document (v8.3 issued 16th December, as well as obtaining clarification and confirmation from Paul Lorenzato at British Rowing.

The guidance states:

Tier Travel


See  for information of the area you reside in

The club is in: SL6 0AT Buckinghamshire Council

We totally recognize that this is frustrating.  We don’t have an option to ignore BR and Government rules.  These are intended to reduce the spread of covid-19 between different local authority areas.

We are looking at options but we need everyone to understand and respect the constraints that arise.

Water Training

If you reside in the same area as the club – i.e., Buckinghamshire Council, then you can continue to travel and exercise at the club in crew boats (following bubble protocols outlined in Wave 8) providing your other crew mates live in the same area as the club.

If you reside in a different area to the rowing club, you can travel to the club to partake in individual exercise – i.e., singles or household crew boats.

Enter your home postcode in the website: Find out the coronavirus restrictions in your local area - GOV.UK ( to determine your area.

Land Training

We can continue to keep the land training available, as outlined in Wave 8, as it is all socially distanced for individual exercise and is not group based.


Juniors are exempt to these change in tier rules and so they can continue to train in both the water and land training schedules as in Wave 8.

Also a few reminders

When signing up for a FitClub water session, in a crew boat you are agreeing that both you and the rest of your crew live in the same area as the club.

The use of masks inside the club house is compulsory for everyone including juniors when entering the building. Masks can only be removed when in your exercise pod.

Everyone must maintain social distancing in the club at all times

Everyone needs to remember they need to allow time to clean down their equipment both before and after the sessions – there are no exceptions to this.

The one way system in the club house applies to everyone.

Stay safe