A Maidenhead-based security firm has dipped its oar in the sporting world.

GCD Security in the High Street has named a new four-seater boat at Maidenhead Rowing Club 'Lock & Quay'.

The purchase of the boat, which will be used by the club's seniors, and saw it on its maiden voyage along the Thames from the River Road-based club.

The boat also bears the firm's logo.

Managing director of the security firm, Paul Hickman, cracked a bottle of fizz over the boat at the naming ceremony on October 2.

In August, the club launched another new boat thanks to the generosity of Maidenhead-based toy company Mattel.

It followed the launch of a new partnership scheme by the club in May, aimed at encouraging mutually-beneficial promotion and boosting the club's links with the business community

Visit maidenheadrc.co.uk/index.php/partner-with-us  to find out more about the club's sponsorship scheme involving local businesses.

Maidenhead Advertiser Monday 27 October 2014  Written by Lucy Elder