Captains Keith Nick

Congratulations to our new Club Captain Nick Steel. And a huge thank you to Keith for all the hard work you have put into the club over the last 2 years.

Maidenhead Regatta will be held on Saturday 10th August 2019


The Regatta Flyer can be found here.


Cancellation of Maidenhead Regatta

We are very sorry to have to advise you that the 2019 Maidenhead Regatta has had to be cancelled on the basis of the current weather forecast where strong winds are expected across the region.

The Regatta  Committee has been monitoring the weather forecast closely over the past few days and, regrettably in the interests of the safety and well being of all competitors, spectators & volunteers we have decided unanimously that the risks presented by the weather were too great. The expected strong winds (circa 25mph) and gusts (circa 40-50mph) will mean that the conditions may be unsafe for travelling to the event with trailers as well as to race in. It has been a difficult decision to make, and one that has not been taken lightly without proper consultation and consideration of all possible alternatives.

The Regatta Committee has been taking steps to minimise costs incurred, and some costs were unavoidable, but we do intend to offer a full refund of entries fees. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who had entered or who had volunteered to help as your continued support for Maidenhead Regatta is very much appreciated.

For those of you who are especially disappointed at missing out on your regatta burger and pint of beer - we are organising a Regatta BBQ at the Maidenhead Rowing Club boathouse from 3:00pm to 11:00pm where a range of food and drinks will be on offer. It would fantastic if our friends from local rowing clubs would still be able to join us!

We look forward to seeing you next year

Kind regards

The Regatta Committee



The latest v2 issue of the Race Timetable is published below.




PDF Downloads: Notes
Competitor Instructions  
Safety Briefing  
Circulation Plan  
Car Parking  
Welfare Plan  
Race Timetable Issue v2


Please note that for safety reasons portable or disposable BBQs are not allowed in the spectator area on the riverbank.

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Maidenhead Rowing Club has a thriving Daytime Squad who meet on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9:30am for a couple of hours on the river.

A group of all ages and experience, we sometimes have as many as 20 coming down to row a beautiful stretch of the Thames, under the iconic Brunel Sounding Arch bridge, as it widens out on its way down to Bray Lock.

We have a mixture of singles, doubles, quads and even a triple on hand as we mix and match members to ensure that those looking to improve their skills get an experienced ‘bow’ to steer and monitor technique along the way!

Above all it is a fun group who have the pleasure of rowing on one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the country. 


We have not received the necessary data from the Environment Agency flow meter since 14th November.


On investigation, it has been found that we will no longer receive the data so are unable to maintain this feature of the website. 


Please use the Gauge Map to determine the river flow and the thermometer on the pontoon to check the temperature.


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We are indebted to the following companies and organisations who continue to support the Club.

If you are interested in supporting us in any way please look here.


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Maidenhead Rowing Club's team of 13 juniors, six women and four senior/ veteran men returned from Sunday's inaugural British Rowing Indoor Championships with an impressive haul of five medals.





Mixing it with the GB rowing squad and Olympic medallists, and enjoying the atmosphere at the Olympic Velodrome in London, the younger categories raced over fixed times while the sixth form, senior and veteran categories were raced over the 2km international distance.



Where to find us:

Maidenhead Rowing Club
River Road

Phone: 01628 622664


Some browsers are not displaying the calendar: if you don't see it below click here

Some browsers are not displaying the calendar: if you don't see it below click here

Need a fresh start at a new club?

Join us in the Thames Valley in a great club house on a great stretch of the river!

6th Sept 2005, Updated 22 Nov 2014

Club equipment may only be used with the Captain's permission or as shown on the equipment allocation chart. After use, members must wipe down boats thoroughly and return boats and oars to their correct racks.

Any damage, however sustained, must be immediately reported to the Captain by person or by email. A note of any damage must be left with the equipment and details entered into the damage and repairs book situated in the bank of lockers in the middle bay of the boathouse.

The blades of Club oars shall be painted Brunswick Green and the blade shall be embellished with a green star upon a circular white background.

Members representing the Club at regattas shall wear an "all in one" with Brunswick Green sleeveless vest with a green star on a white circle on the front and black shorts with white and green stripe down either side.

The club blazer with the "arm" may be worn by those members who have either a) represented the club at Henley Royal Regatta, or b) won a medal at the National Rowing Championships, or c) gained international selection. The blazer badge without the arm may be worn by any Member, Junior or Associate.

The Safety Plan is to be adhered to at all times.

Regulations for the use of Club equipment by Claires Court School shall be agreed by the Captain and the Master in charge of Rowing prior to the beginning of each School term. In addition, regulations for the use of Claires Court equipment by the Club shall also be agreed by the Captain and the Master in charge of Rowing prior to the beginning of each School term.

The Club will not accept any responsibility for boats belonging to members when left in or outside the boathouse. Members are responsible for insuring their own equipment.

Any member who wilfully by their, his or her own negligence occasions damage to any boat or property of the Club shall cause such damage to be made good at their own expense, but all expense caused by accidental damage shall be borne by the Club. The Committee shall decide whether or not the damage was accidental and this decision shall be binding on the member concerned.

The last person to use the boathouse, land training facilities and changing rooms is responsible for securing all doors and turning off all the lights upon departure.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the club building.

No kit whether worn or in bags, is allowed in the bar.

If entering the building for training purposes, the back door to the club is to be used for access.

In view of the considerable volume of work that the office of captain of the club entails, as from the year 2005-2006 that member will not be required to pay the annual subscription but will retain full rights of membership.

Members are to restrict their parking in River Rd to the Club's new frontage, leaving sufficient clearance at the Car Park entrance to allow good visibility and ease of exit/entrance by trailers.

These bye-laws may only be added or changed by a two thirds majority of Committee Members present at a Committee meeting, due notice having been given of the proposed changes.

Maidenhead Rowing Club welcomes new members of all ages and abilities.

We run regular induction sessions and learn to row courses. Click on the Learn to Row for the latest information.

Read more about the club.

The Club has a long history and boasts well over 300 junior and senior members who row at all levels from recreational through to National and International.

Relatives of one of our recently honored members Roy 'Willie' Smith created a video in tribute to him which gives a flavour of the club and crews dating back to the 1930's.

Established in 1876, the Club's first Captain was William Grenfell, later Lord Desborough of Taplow and Mayor of Maidenhead. He competed for Oxford in the dead heat boat race of 1877 and also rowed the channel in an either.

Following the Club's first Henley success in 1924, Jack Arnold extended the premises at Maidenhead Bridge which were opened in 1926. Jack was himself a successful oarsman between 1903 and 1920.

In 1939, Maidenhead entered the Wyfolds and won the final against Tigre Boat Club, Argentina - an especially popular win since most of the events at Henley that year were won by overseas competitors. Aubrey Lion was in this winning crew and went on to become Club President in 1977.

Bert Bushnell and Richard Burnell won the Double Sculls at the Olympic Regatta at Henly in 1948. Further victories have maintained Maidenhead's record as one of the three most successful up-river clubs at Henley Royal Regatta, along with Leander and Oxford University.

Winning the Britannia Cup at Henley in 1985 prompted fundraising to build the present boathouse, helped by a National Lottery Sports Council grant. Olympic champion Sir Steven Redgrave opened the new boathouse in June 1998.

The facilities at the new clubhouse allow the Club to offer rowing to all, with an inclusive policy.

Results will appear here as the Regatta takes place.